Beach at Kartung

KART:- KARTUNG Association for Responsible Tourism.

The objectives of the village are as follows:

To develop tourism in KARTUNG in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Assist KART with the provision of training and job opportunities for the young people of the village.

Work with the Gambia Tourism Authority to ensure that their policies and regulations are adhered to and to safeguard KARTUNG’s unique environment and cultural heritage by ensuring that the community is able to participate as fully as possible in consultations and decision making.

Foster a co-operative and collective approach by the community.

Fishing boat
FISHING - KARTUNG Hallalhin Bolong (river)
Fishing is very interesting in that most fish that are being caught are Catfish, Telapia fish, ladyfish, and at times the women of the village KARTUNG, do get some seafood like Oysters, Cockles and Snailfish that they normally got from the river


River Hallahin is a very attractive river, which divides the Southern part of KARTUNG and Cassamance (Senegal).

Most of the tourists use canoes or small boats for touring the river for site seeing and watching some of the sea birds and having day trips at their own leisure.


There are some ecologies in KARTUNG village and these include:

• Boboi ecolage
• Sandeli ecolage
• Franko’s ecolage
• Lemon Fish ecolage


The people of KARTUNG village, within their ethnic groups are Mandinkas, Jolas, Fulas, Serers, Karonikas and few Balantas from Guinea Bassau.


During some festivals in the village KARTUNG, The Mandinkas ethnic group have their own musical instrument which is a called the Bukarabu dance, Kumpo and Samayo dance. The Karonikas ethnic group have their own musical instrument which is called ‘Situmba’ dance or ‘Ahatt’ dance.


KARTUNG villiage has a bird-watching guide called Lamin Morgan Jabang, who guides some of the visitors or tourists by watching some of the below mentioned birds that can be found in KARTUNG village bushes and at the riverside.

These birds are:

Crows, Piapic Magpie, Black Kites, Starlings, Hornbills, Parrots, Senegal Firefinch, Vultures, Pigeons, Woodpeckers, Cattle Egrets, Sunbirds, Village Kleavers, Bul Bul, Red Bishop, Senegal Coucal


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